Obese Women Get Together To Destroy Diet Books.

A bunch of obese women went to a bookstore and bought all the diet books they can find so they can destroy it in some faux art project. They are upset that they read most of the books and are still fat. They call themselves The Size Diversity Task Force, yet there are only fat women in the group.

I usually don’t care what people do with their money, but encouraging people to stay fat is dangerous. Being a fat ass increases the risk of illness like heart diseases and cancer. Plus there are way too many fat girls already, it makes my penis sad. The world needs more fit sexy ladies for me to hit on!

Hey fat women, let me tell you a well-known secret! Reading diet books don’t make you skinny so stop being bitter at the diet books. If I read a book about boxing, I won’t magically turn into Muhammad Ali. The key is to actually apply the principles you learn from the book. These ladies don’t have the self discipline for it. Instead of trying hard to get in shape, they rather give up and encourage their competition to stay fat.