The Easiest Way To Quit Smoking Weed

The easiest way to quit smoking weed is to change your mindset.

I was a painfully shy kid in high school. I didn’t start making friends with the “cool kids” until I started smoking weed at 17. It loosened my inhibitions and I started talking to people more. I was finally getting invited to house parties and became somewhat successful with the females. The easiest way to get a girl to come over is to ask her if she wanted to go smoke. I associated weed with good times.

I have been probation on and off for the last decade and have tried to quit smoking on numberous occasions. It never lasted long, because I always felt like I’m only quitting because I have to and it sucks that I’m missing out on the joy of getting high.

I’m 29 now and after a while smoking blunts and sitting around hanging out with my stoner friends loses its appeal. We would come up with cool ideas and talk about all the cool things we are going to do, but as the years go by, I realize we don’t follow through on any of the shit we planned. Talk is cheap.

I’m not shy anymore. I don’t need weed to make friends or to meet girls. In fact, I find that I’m a lot more witty and a better flirt when I’m not stoned out of my mind.

I no longer think of weed as something I’m giving up. Smoking weed have its moments but it’s nothing compare to the clear head of sobriety. Even though weed is enjoyable at times, it makes people lazy and unmotivated. Instead of blowing all of my money on bud, spending my days half-baked watching stupid YouTube videos, I could be investing in myself, reading books from successful people on how to be successful, and doing something with my life for a change. So instead of thinking of sobriety as not being able to smoke, I think of it as gaining the ability to think clearly and function at 100%. The former way of thinking made me feel like I’m missing out, the latter makes me feel excited of the possibilities of how not being hazy all the time can improve my life.