Obese Women Get Together To Destroy Diet Books.

A bunch of obese women went to a bookstore and bought all the diet books they can find so they can destroy it in some faux art project. They are upset that they read most of the books and are still fat. They call themselves The Size Diversity Task Force, yet there are only fat women in the group.

I usually don’t care what people do with their money, but encouraging people to stay fat is dangerous. Being a fat ass increases the risk of illness like heart diseases and cancer. Plus there are way too many fat girls already, it makes my penis sad. The world needs more fit sexy ladies for me to hit on!

Hey fat women, let me tell you a well-known secret! Reading diet books don’t make you skinny so stop being bitter at the diet books. If I read a book about boxing, I won’t magically turn into Muhammad Ali. The key is to actually apply the principles you learn from the book. These ladies don’t have the self discipline for it. Instead of trying hard to get in shape, they rather give up and encourage their competition to stay fat.


The Easiest Way To Quit Smoking Weed

The easiest way to quit smoking weed is to change your mindset.

I was a painfully shy kid in high school. I didn’t start making friends with the “cool kids” until I started smoking weed at 17. It loosened my inhibitions and I started talking to people more. I was finally getting invited to house parties and became somewhat successful with the females. The easiest way to get a girl to come over is to ask her if she wanted to go smoke. I associated weed with good times.

I have been probation on and off for the last decade and have tried to quit smoking on numberous occasions. It never lasted long, because I always felt like I’m only quitting because I have to and it sucks that I’m missing out on the joy of getting high.

I’m 29 now and after a while smoking blunts and sitting around hanging out with my stoner friends loses its appeal. We would come up with cool ideas and talk about all the cool things we are going to do, but as the years go by, I realize we don’t follow through on any of the shit we planned. Talk is cheap.

I’m not shy anymore. I don’t need weed to make friends or to meet girls. In fact, I find that I’m a lot more witty and a better flirt when I’m not stoned out of my mind.

I no longer think of weed as something I’m giving up. Smoking weed have its moments but it’s nothing compare to the clear head of sobriety. Even though weed is enjoyable at times, it makes people lazy and unmotivated. Instead of blowing all of my money on bud, spending my days half-baked watching stupid YouTube videos, I could be investing in myself, reading books from successful people on how to be successful, and doing something with my life for a change. So instead of thinking of sobriety as not being able to smoke, I think of it as gaining the ability to think clearly and function at 100%. The former way of thinking made me feel like I’m missing out, the latter makes me feel excited of the possibilities of how not being hazy all the time can improve my life.

The No More PSA Campaign Is Stupid

  • No more she was “flirting with him”

Ladies you can flirt with and date anybody you want. But when you choose some drug abusing thug over a level-headed nice guy, don’t feel entitled for us level-headed nice guys to come play captain save-a-hoe when your bad boy boyfriend hits you. I have a suggestion, how about no more dating thugs who been in and out of jail.

  • No more “it’s none of my business”
  • No more “it’s not my problem”

But it isn’t any of my business and it isn’t my problem. We are talking about grown women here. They are the ones who made the bad choices and chose to associate with the wrong type of people. You created the problem for yourself, why are men expected to solve your issue for you?

Next time I’m late on my bills because I blew the money on booze, I’m going to go to the first girl I see and tell her to help me pay them.  Remember ladies, no more it’s not my problem!

  • No more “why doesn’t she just leave”

Why doesn’t she leave? And why can’t we question it? The campaign is trying to shame us for asking a common sense question.

If a girl choose to stay in abusive relationship then she is not a victim, she is just a drama seeker. Why should we as men risk our own safety for her dumb ass? Either pick better guys or learn karate.

  • No more “she was drunk”
  • No more “she was asking for it”

I have witnessed plenty of arguments between couples. They usually escalate because the girl gets too drunk and then gets in the guy’s face and instigate things. If you are going to get in someone’s face that’s bigger and stronger than you and start screaming at and hitting them, don’t be surprised if they hit back.

And don’t feel entitled for some other guy to come be your white knight in shining armor. If I walk up to a grizzly bear and start cursing and shoving it, nobody is going to feel bad when it rips my face off. They are going to think I deserved it.

If you don’t want a guy to hit you, don’t get in his face like a man. You act like a man, you get treated like a man. I have never heard of a guy hitting a girl because she’s too sweet or too feminine.

  • No more bystanding

What happened to being strong independent women? You can’t be both strong independent women and damsels in distress. You wanted equal rights. You wanted to have multiple sex partners without being viewed as a slut. Well, you go girl! You got what you wished for. So next time you get hit and try to shame men for not helping you, remember — you’re a strong independent woman and just as good as men in everything. We are not going to assume that a strong independent woman like yourself is going to need us to protect you — that would be sexist!

Hanging Out With Homeless People

When I lived in Atlanta, some of my church friends and I would make a bunch of sandwiches and walk around downtown and under bridges and hand them out to homeless people every Friday. We would talk to them and ask them about their stories.

Something I found interesting was that even though they appreciated the sandwiches, they equally enjoyed having someone talk to them and listen to them. Most people view homeless people as bad people or just panhandlers and would go out of their way to avoid them and act like they’re not even there. It made their day when people gave them eye contact and said hi to them, especially when my pretty female friends did it. It made them feel human to have their existent acknowledged.

Another interesting part was that many of the men I met on the streets were actually very smart and well spoken. They just either made some bad choices or had some tough breaks. There was this guy who always carried a chess set in his bag pack and I would challenge him to a game every time I saw him. I am a decent player but he would always destroy me when we played. He is very smart and probably would’ve been successful if he didn’t fall victim to his vices.

The best part of the experience was regardless of how shitty my week was, I always felt so grateful and happy after I go downtown and handed out sandwiches. They’re guys out there sleeping on cardboard boxes under bridges trying to survive the cold and avoid the rain or if they’re lucky, they’re sleeping in a tent in the woods. I got to go home to my nice, warm bed. It made all my problems seemed petty. It really put things into perspective.

It was a very cool experience and I highly recommend it.